Lodge-Shettleston-Saint-John 128


Robert Forrester P.M.

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Robert was a Past Master of Shettleston Saint John 128 

Initiated               21 12 1994
Passed                 18 01 1995
Raised                  01 02 1995
Abadvanced          15 11 1995
Robert passed through many offices before being elected to occupy the masters Chair in    2001....

Bro. Turnbull P.M.

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John was a Past Master of Lodge shettleston Saint John 128

Initiated 6th April 2005
Passed  20th April 2005
Raised   4th May  2005
M.M.M.   16  Nov  2005
John took many offices within the Lodge before being exulted to Master in 2013
John finaly secumed to a previous illness   and lost his fight for life on 31/12/2019

Eddie Traynor P.M 

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Brother Edward Traynor, Past Master of Lodge Shettleston Saint John No.128.

Edward passed away on Wednesday 27th January 2021 in hospital after a short illness.
Edward was Initiated into Lodge Shettleston Saint John No.128 on February 2nd 1983, Passed March 2nd 1983, Raised April 6th 1983 & Mark Ceremonial November 16th 1983.
Edward was Master of the Lodge in 1988 and then again he was the Millenium Master in 2000.
Provincial Grand Lodge send their condolences to the family and all at Lodge 128.