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Lodge Furniture & Ragalia

Our Mallets

The Lodge Mallets used by the R.W.M and the two Wardens, are made from the original wood used in the building of Mother Kilwinning First Lodge, and was presented to the Lodge by Right Worshipfull Master Alexander P Cubie in the year 1895. and are still in use today

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R.W.M. Ragalia

The Masters Jewel and colleret.

Was presented to the Lodge by the members of the instruction Class on 15th November 1950, it was made by Victoria Ragalia of green Baise coller and encompassed by 9ct gold chain, depciting SSJ combined with two linked chains to a Scottish gold thistle.

Also the Immediate Past Masters Colleret, Which is made up a green bais coller inlaid with gold engraved sheilds linked with gold chain to an oblonged case with a gold thistle in the centre, it also has an ovaled enamled ceramic inlaid with Shettleston St John gold lettering encomasing an embossed St John on a light blue background,the square and compasses are made of sterling silver,and marked L Law this was presented to the Lodge by the Memebrs of the Lodge of Instruction, and was introduced as the I.P.M. coller of office whe the present masters colleret was presented.

The Harmony jewel, which is worned by all current masters when in harmony, and is made with a wine coloured coller with a gold sheild with a gold circled floret pendant with the square and compasses in the centre, and was presented to the Lodge by Past Master Donald G Scott at the end his term in office 1994-1995, the jewel was presented on Saturday 9th December 1995


The Masters & Wardens Gauntlets (Cuffs)

Were donated to the Lodge by W.S.W Edward Neilly, in 2017

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